Getting the oil changed on any new or used Ford cars is key to keeping your vehicle in peak condition. Our team at Don’s Ford knows that keeping a regular maintenance schedule is vital to making sure your Ford truck or whatever vehicle you might have is with you for a very long time. And if you need to take your vehicle in, then our Ford service center is just the place to be.

Why do we get oil changes? Well, the health of an engine’s oil is directly related to the health of the engine. Dirty engine oil contains impurities and metal shavings that aren’t just bad for the engine by themselves, but they make the engine heat up faster than normal. This leads to increased wear and tear on your engine and can cause it to fail much sooner than a regularly-maintained vehicle would. When you change the oil, you remove the impurities and nastiness in the old oil and flush them out, replacing them with high-quality engine oil that will add thousands of miles to your vehicle’s lifespan.

There’s no better way to get the job done than at the service center right here at Don’s Ford of Utica. Our trained and certified Ford technicians are trained to take care of any of our Ford models. When you come into our Ford service center, you can wait in our comfortable waiting room with free Wi-Fi and refreshments, while we change your vehicle’s oil and give it a thorough once-over for any other problems.

So when you’re ready to get the most life out of your Ford, head into our Utica, NY Ford service center to treat your vehicle to the service it deserves. Make sure to check our service page for deals on routine maintenance, replacements, and more.