With the changing of the seasons, we like to do a lot of maintenance on our vehicles to ensure that they’re running smooth. And if you’re relying on a vehicle as tough as the Ford F-150 to get the job done, then a dead battery is the last thing you need. So today, Don’s Ford of Utica wants to share with you some tips to make sure that doesn’t happen this winter.

Batteries can be very finicky and several factors can affect how they run. The most common uncontrollable factor is weather – heat and batteries don’t really get along too well. If it’s hot, the components of your battery degrades faster and can lose charge much quicker than normal. This can also happen because of the battery’s proximity to the engine. Colder temperatures actually make a battery last longer – you can expect 5+ years in a constantly cooler clime, but you’ll top out at 3 years in constant hot weather.

Something you can control to improve your battery’s health is your driving habits. If you make a lot of quick drives in your F-150 while using a lot of battery draining features (Wi-Fi Hotspot, Navigation, AC, loud radio usage), you can actually end up killing your battery as your alternator fails to charge the truck’s battery in the time the engine is running. If you find yourself doing this a lot, let your F-150 run idle for a few minutes with the engine on and nothing else before you leave.

The best way to keep your battery in check is to come into our Ford Utica NY service center. Our expert technicians always check your battery as part of our inspections and we can swap out for a new one from our manufacturer-approved supply if need be. Make an appointment today!