Don’s Ford of Utica prides itself on providing exceptional service to our Utica, NY customers, from Herkimer to Rome. We’re there for you during every step of the car-buying process, no matter if you’re getting a used Ford truck or a new Ford SUV, like the 2020 Ford Explorer. And after you drive off, we’re always there to make sure your vehicle is in top condition with service from trained Ford technicians. And today, we want to talk brakes.

When it’s time to replace the brakes on your 2020 Ford Explorer, you can find out via two preferred methods: looking and listening. When you listen, you’re trying to hear the high-pitched squeak that brake pads emit when equipped with a small metal shim in the brake pad known as an “indicator.” Any noise like that, and you should be in our shops, taking care of this little problem before it becomes a costly repair.

And when you look, you’re literally getting a visual on the brake pad itself. Check the brake pad carefully – if it’s got less than a quarter-inch, replace it.  Can’t eyeball a quarter-inch? No worries, just take a simple wood pencil or a no-frills plastic ball-point pen and compare its thickness to the brake pad. Pencils are around a quarter-inch in width, making it easy to tell how much pad is left, and if it needs to be replaced.

When that time comes, the experts here at the Ford Service Center of Don’s Ford of Utica will provide you with excellent service that keeps you coming back for more. We also use only Original Equipment parts on our repairs, so you can rest assured of its quality and lifespan. Head in today to take advantage of our current Ford service specials!