If you’re looking to make sure your 2020 Ford F-150 is with you for the long haul, then you’ll want to make sure that you keep your truck in peak condition with regular service from our Utica, NY Ford dealership. And today, we want to talk about the good old oil change – and why if you’re due for one, you need to schedule an appointment today.

Oil keeps your engine cool and moving freely and as the oil moves around your engine block, it combines with impurities from gas combustion. Then it gets heated and begins to slowly evaporate and can also accumulate metal shavings from normal wear and tear. All of these impurities make your oil stickier and more difficult to distribute and cool your engine. This results in your engine getting hotter and working harder, putting undue stress on the engine and lowering its lifespan in the long run. It’s all just a giant pile of grief that your truck doesn’t deserve or need.

So if you’ve been looking for “Ford service near me,” Don’s Ford has you covered! Our trained Ford service professionals go above and beyond to make sure that your truck is in peak condition. We’ll examine your vehicle’s other replaceable parts like air filters, brakes, fluid levels, and much, much more. Of course, if anything needs to be replaced, we only use Original Ford Equipment to ensure that there will be no problems with fitment or longevity – they were made for your vehicle, by your brand, and are made to last. Come in today and make sure your F-150 can power through the winter just like it does the work site.