Have you been shopping our extensive inventory of used cars at Don’s Ford and found one you like? There can be lots of appeal to shopping used cars. After all, there is often a wide variety of options available within a limited budget. You still want to ensure you are getting a quality used vehicle though.

When Should I Consider a Used Car?

There are lots of instances when buying a used car is a beneficial decision. In fact, it can even be a better purchase than a new car. You should consider a used car if you are shopping with a limited budget. Since a used car is more affordable, you’ll find a bigger variety by shopping used. Plus, you’re more likely to get the available premium features you want in a used vehicle too.

What are the Benefits of Buying Used?

Affordability isn’t the only benefit of buying used. However, it is undeniably a perk. With a more affordable vehicle, you’ll also find cheaper insurance costs and can register your vehicle for less typically too. Plus, you’ll avoid a large chunk of depreciation that you typically see with a new car, truck, or SUV.

How Many Miles is Too Many?

When buying a used car, a higher mileage can be a deterrent for some shoppers. You don’t need to necessarily count them out though. If a vehicle is well cared for, it can have well upwards of 100,000 miles. In fact, vehicles can even last 200,000 miles or more. It’s more important that you check a vehicle’s vehicle history report to see how it was cared for than look simply at its odometer.

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