It’s no secret that faulty brakes are a serious issue for car owners. That’s why Ford brake service at Don’s Ford is so crucial. We’re addressing our frequently asked questions to ensure your brakes are getting the care they need.

How Can I Protect Your Brakes?

By protecting your brakes, you can drastically help increase their lifespan. We have a few tips to help you get the most out of your brakes.

  • When possible, coast to slow down.
  • Avoid tailgating and slamming on your brakes.
  • Avoid hauling excessive weight as much as possible.
  • Get routine brake service.

How Often Do I Need Brake Service?

Routine brake service includes flushing your brake fluid and replacing it, as well as a careful inspection. We will look for unusual wear and tear and see if replacements are due. Typically, we recommend brake service every 30,000 miles and inspections every six months (or at your routine oil changes). However, it’s still important to watch for warning signs that signal you may need service sooner.

What are Signs I Need to Replace My Brakes?

While routine service is great for preserving your brakes, there are still times that a replacement is necessary. It’s important to watch for these warning signs that may signal your brakes need replaced, or, at the very least, inspected.

  • Vibrating when braking
  • Grinding noises
  • Squealing or squeaking sounds
  • Hesitation to brake or “soft” pedal
  • Visibly worn brake pads

It’s truly unsafe to drive with unreliable brakes. Make sure you are safe on the road and have your brakes routinely inspected and serviced. Reach out to our Ford dealership in Utica, NY for all your maintenance and service needs. We’ll get you taken care of in no time!