In addition to wanting a great vehicle and modern features, a lot of drivers who plan on purchasing a new car or SUV, instead of exploring Ford lease or used car options, are looking to make an investment. We get enough questions about it that today we’re going to answer for one of our most popular models – the Ford Escape.

New Vehicles as Investments

While vehicles are not an investment in the traditional sense, here are some reasons that a new model can be a good use of your money and an investment in your quality of life:

  • A new vehicle can have a long life, saving you money over buying used or leasing.
  • Used vehicles are at a premium right now, so if you factor in money you’re not spending on leases and resale value, you can often break even or even earn money.
  • With a new model, you get all the most current technology, leading to a more enjoyable drive experience and less stress.

New Ford Escape

In addition to being a good investment for the reasons above, here are some reasons a new Ford Escape is a particularly good choice!

  • A hybrid options means you can save money on fuel short term, and may be able to sell for more as green energy becomes more popular.
  • The spacious and versatile interior means the Ford Escape is a great option for:
    • Outdoor adventurers
    • Families
    • Road trippers
  • Cutting edge technology means the Ford Escape will be modern and appealing to drivers for years to come.

Ford Escape in Utica, NY

Whether you still have questions or are ready to test drive the Ford Escape, head over to Don’s Ford. You won’t have to go far to find answers and this outstanding Ford SUV. Get in contact with our our team of Ford dealers today!