When you visit our Don’s Ford service center you can count on expertise, efficiency, and great customer service. But even so, many drivers aren’t sure what to ask or how to make the most of their service experience. So today we’ve got our top five questions to ask your Ford mechanic, both before and after your service visit.

Ford Service Questions

We’ll start with what to ask before service for your Ford vehicle.

  1. Is there anything that might incur an extra fee? Our technicians will always check with you before that, but asking ahead of your appointment gives you a little more time to prepare.
  2. Are any of my parts and services under warranty? If you’re driving a new Ford model, you likely have some warranty protection, so be sure to ask!
  3. How long will my service take? We have a comfortable waiting area for you, but we also know that not knowing what to expect can make the wait seem longer. Checking in ahead of time lets you use your wait time to your advantage, and often makes the wait seem shorter!

There are more questions you’ll want to ask after service!

4. Can I see my old parts? This may not seem intuitive, but there can be a real value in seeing your old and worn-out parts. You can see what to look for in parts you can check yourself and understand why your repairs were so important.

5. When should I schedule my next service? Our mechanics are experts on your vehicle, so they’ll be able to help you make sure you’re on top of your maintenance schedule.

Ford Mechanics in Utica, NY

At Don’s Ford we’re specially trained to take care of Ford models, from the compact Ford Fiesta to the powerful Ford F-150. Utica, NY drivers can get the peace of mind that comes with expert service at our dealership!