At Don’s Ford, we want to help you at every stage of your vehicle’s life, which includes trading it in. Before you search for used cars near me, You’ll want to be sure you’re getting the most value out of your trade. Here are some things to know before you begin the process.

Do Your Research

You can utilize sites like Kelley Blue Book and get an idea of the current going rate for your car. The trade-in value might differ from the outright resale value, but a solid number can start you off in a stronger negotiating position. Pro tip: use the Edmunds trade-in tool on our website for a free estimate.

Is It Ready to Trade In?

Are there any major pending repairs on your vehicle? Is it overdue for maintenance or a service visit? Ensure your car is in good working order to maximize its trade-in potential.

Private Sale, Online Trade-in, or Dealership?

While private sales are an option, you may spend more time and money with tire-kickers than that route is worth. Online trade-in sites come with their share of doubts and questions as well. Visiting a dealership like Don’s Ford means a fair price quickly.

Tax Credits

With a global supply chain still experiencing difficulties, many automobile manufacturers have had trouble reaching their projected output. The market for new cars has fluctuated, with supply not quite meeting demand.

While that situation slowly resolves, it’s still a boon for used cars’ trade-in values. In 2020, a tax credit cap of $10,000 was established as part of an infrastructure plan. Now, the reversal of this cap results in maximized savings for consumers.

For example, if someone traded in a used car worth $20,000, they could claim a tax credit on that worth $2,000. This is double what they would have been able to claim before. All in all, there are many ways to maximize the value of your trade-in. Contact Don’s Ford to schedule a trade-in evaluation!