One of the most common questions our mechanics and Ford parts salespeople here at Don’s Ford receive in the winter and fall is whether or not snow tires are worth it. Like many vehicle-related questions, there is no hard and fast correct answer for everybody; instead, the answer will depend on your driving habits and several other factors. Here’s a guide to whether or not you need snow tires in the Utica, NY, area.

Snow Tires vs. All-Season Tires

When you bought your new or used Ford car, it likely came with all-season tires. All-season tires live up to their name by providing solid performance year-round. They are an adequate choice for drivers who do not plan on doing any off-roading and only drive sometimes in extremely icy and snowy conditions.

On the other hand, snow tires, also known as winter tires, are a type of Ford tire with unique rubber compounds and tread designs that allow them to maintain grip under weather conditions where standard all-season tires do not perform as well. These tires improve your Ford car’s ability to brake, accelerate, and steer even on roads covered in snow and ice. 

Here in Utica, you likely already know that we receive plenty of snow, slush, and ice during the winter. Sometimes the roads do not get cleared immediately after a snowfall, making it necessary to drive in less-than-ideal conditions. Thus, we recommend snow tires to anybody who drives in winter here in Utica.

Ford Tires in Utica

Our Ford tire department at Don’s Ford has a wide selection of snow tires. Our mechanics will help you find the right ones for your make and model Ford car, then ensure they’re correctly mounted and balanced. Stop by today!